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Mobile and App Options

  • The website displays as it does on a PC. Wi-fi or SIM access required.
  • The website is developed using responsive design, detects the mobile connection and delivers a mobile friendly form of the site.  Wi-fi or SIM access required. The Library site uses responsive design.
  • An app interface is available - to make use of Library subscriptions and account needs to be established with the publisher and credentials entered into the app.  Wi-fi or SIM access required. Regular reauthentication with publisher will be required from Library links.
  • A very few sites will allow full download to the mobile device with no requirement for wi-fi or SIM connection.  Regular re-authentication with publisher will be required from Library links.
  • Logging into some resources allows personalisation features to be activated.  Look for options to establish an account from a Library link.

UpToDate Anywhere for Mobiles

App access to UpToDate

First, go to the UpToDate Library link. Top right hand of the screen is a Log In / Register link.

Register with a user name and a password that you will remember.

Download the free app and login with the credentials you have set up.

Access will last for 90 days.  After 90 days you need to revist the Library link to UpToDate and login again to keep access live.

UpToDate will email you a reminder to the address you used in registering but the refresh of your account needs to go via a Library link.

BMJ Best Practice

Mobile interface, data connection required

Connect from the Library's link. Notice in the top right hand corner - it will show you are signed in as WA Health. Beneath that, you have the option to log in to register for personal access. Do this and then log out. Once you have a user name and password, you may then use the app with your own device. 


Therapeutic Guidelines

eTG Complete is an app that requires an activation token.  Register with your WA Health email address.
Download the app to your mobile device - Apple IOS or  Android Google Play
Request a token from the link (one token per person). 
Renew your token if you change devices and whenever the publisher requires an update.
To download the app for offline use, click the cloud icon in the app, go to the settings menu and select  "use the app offline".  eTG download uses 200Mb on your device.  eTG FAQs


Click on the Download Center link within Micromedex (top right of the screen).  Follow the instructions to download the app and use the password displayed to download mobileMicromedex to your device.

MIMS Online

Create an account.  Download to your device.

Instructions in the file.


Download the STAT!Ref App
Access STAT!Ref from the library's link. Click the “My STAT!Ref” link in the upper right corner.
Set-up your account by simply entering your WA Health email e-mail address and a “My STAT!Ref” password.
Click the “Temporary Login Account” tab and click the “Activate/Renew” icon.
Activating the “Temporary Login Account” will provide the ability to login to your institutional subscription via a username and password on your mobile device. This account will be the same as “My STAT!Ref” account - “My STAT!Ref” email address and password become a login account, temporarily which can be used for 90 days, after which you must click the “Activate/Renew” button from the temporary login account screen again.