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What is a bookmarklet and why would you use one?

Access to subscribed Library resources is controlled by a 'proxy' string within the web address (URL).  This proxy string carries information through to publisher sites that provides the authorisation to reach the full text of subscribed resources.

If you reach a subscription restricted (paywalled) online resource without going through the Library's links (and therefore without the proxy string) you will be blocked from the full content.

A bookmarklet automatically attaches the Library's proxy string to the URL, proving to a publisher that you have access rights.

How to use the bookmarklet

When you are using a journal website that requires a subscription to be able to download the full text (such as American Journal of Clinical Pathology), you can identify yourself as a valid PathWest Library user by clicking on the remote access bookmarklet in your list of favourites when you are at the journal site. Notice that the bookmarklet adds an "authentication string" into the web address -

The web address changes from:
to - simply by clicking on the Bookmarklet.

Not 100% Effective

This will work for most journals, however, occasionally the authentication is more complex and you will need to go through the Library's Journals A to Z catalogue to gain access.

For instance - Library access to the Lancet is not from the Lancet site but from Science Direct - applying the bookmarklet against the Lancet site will not link you to full text - you need to be in the Science Direct interface.

Installation on Android Devices

Part One: Creating the Bookmark
- Open Chrome browser and view this page (the one you’re reading now)
- Tap on the star icon next to the URL
- Tap Save to create a bookmark
- Note where it saves, for example, In Mobile Bookmarks

Part Two: Editing the Bookmarklet
- Select and copy the entire bookmarklet code shown below.


- Tap the menu options icon Android menu icon and select Bookmarks. Be sure you’re viewing Mobile Bookmarks or wherever you saved it
- Tap and hold to choose the Android bookmarklet bookmark and then Edit bookmark
- Delete text from address/URL field
- Paste to add the javascript code instead
- Tap Save

Using the Bookmarklet
NOTE: Bookmarklet is only needed if you go directly to a journal, database or article – not starting from a link on the PathWest Library website. - Clicked to view an article and not granted full access? Start typing “Android bookmarklet” into the address/URL above resource. Choose the suggestion with “javascript:void” below it to trigger the bookmarklet.
- You will be prompted to log in with your WA Health credentials.
- Once authenticated as PathWest staff, you should get access.
- You will remain authenticated until you close the browser.

Installation and use with desktop browsers

Internet Explorer

Right click on this link: PathWest Library Proxy Bookmarklet 
Select Add to Favorites... You may be prompted with a security alert "You are adding a favourite that may not be safe. Do you want to continue?" It is safe to click Yes to continue.


Right click on this link: PathWest Library Proxy Bookmarklet
Select Bookmark This Link. Alternatively, click and drag the link to your Bookmarks toolbar.


Click on and drag this link to your Bookmarks bar: PathWest Library Proxy Bookmarklet

Google Chrome

Click on and drag this link to your Bookmarks bar: PathWest Library Proxy Bookmarklet

Testing it

Try going to this URL:   - notice that full text access is not available. Now click on the bookmarklet you've saved onto the bookmarks bar. This will insert the proxy into the web address and allow full text access.

Installation and use on iOS devices

Installing a bookmarklet for iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices.

Step 1: Bookmark this Library website page (or any page) and name it PS Library Bookmarklet.

Click on the Share icon at the bottom of the device.

Select to Add a Bookmark.

Step 2: Edit the Bookmark

Tap the bookmarks button.

Find the bookmark you just saved and edit it - i.e. change the name of the bookmark (ie to PW Library Bookmarklet).

Change the URL field - delete everything in it then copy this entire line of text into the URL address box:


Step 3: Using the Bookmark

Next time you're trying to get to the web page for an article or e-book that denies permission (eg trying to view articles from the New England Journal of Medicine on your iOS device), click the "PS Library Proxy" bookmarklet in your list of browser bookmarks.

Notice that the bookmarklet adds an "authentication string" into the web address -

If the Library has a subscription on that platform you will be able to log in with your usual network credentials.

The web address changes from: to - simply by clicking on the Bookmarklet.

Remember the caveat - this form of linking is not 100% effective.